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Honesty and Integrity - It is our core passion to simply do what we say we will, letting our yes be yes and our no be no.  This focus has resulted in an aggressive but controlled growth as we have met the needs of our customers.

These customers create a diverse base ranging from Defense, Aerospace, Commercial Construction, Environmental, Commercial Fishing, Bio Medical, Electronics and enclosures. While we rely heavily on quality and manufacturing systems we also recognize that these processes will only be as successful as the people implementing them.

Because of this we push ourselves to be craftsmen, implementing these processes with pride to produce your outstanding products.
Thank You,
Caliber Precision Inc.


sase a"For the past 3 years Caliber Precision Machining has been for us at SASE Company, valued services with precision tolerances, fantastic delivery and a dedication to the project unmatched.  Working through design & communication challenges makes the staff at Caliber invaluable to the operation of our company."

Mark Harrington  
SASE Company, Inc.